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Eggstraordinary Easter: Easter Fine Motor Activities For Easter Fun

As Easter approaches, we’re having a lot of fun with Easter activities to help our favourite little people boost their fine motor skills! Don’t worry about a dozen hot cross buns, we’re here to share a basketful of one dozen Easter fine motor activities that will not only entertain your little ones but also help them develop those crucial fine motor skills!

Easter Fine Motor Activities

1. Read Easter-Themed Books

Snuggle up with your kiddos and explore the enchanting world of Easter through books. We love sensory Easter books that encourage children to touch and explore sensory elements on the pages. Not only does this activity promote literacy, but it also encourages sensory exploration, focus and concentration – essential components of fine motor development. Choose colourful, engaging Easter books and let the pages come alive!

2. Washi Tape Egg Rescue

Get those little fingers moving with a Washi Tape Egg Rescue mission! Create egg-shaped outlines on a surface and challenge your child to 'rescue' them by peeling off strips of colourful washi tape. This activity promotes precision and finger strength. This is one of those Easter fine motor activities kids love, and it really keeps them occupied and focused!

3. Easter Fine Motor Activities using Scissor Skills

Sharpen those scissor skills with Easter-themed fine motor activities for cutting. Provide templates of bunnies, eggs, and chicks for your little ones to cut along the lines. This helps enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor control.

fine motor skill activities

We have some great resource templates available with Easter Masks suitable for children 3-6 years old and an Easter Egg Wreath for children 6-12 years old.

4. Easter Egg Pompoms (with Tweezers)

Let the egg hunt begin! Use tweezers to place small pompoms inside plastic Easter eggs. Your child can then open the eggs and transfer the pompoms to a designated basket. This activity refines the pincer grasp and strengthens those tiny hand muscles.

5. Easter Playdough Mat

Create a festive playdough mat with Easter shapes and designs. Encourage your child to mould and shape the playdough into bunnies, eggs, and chicks, refining their finger strength and dexterity, or create fun patterns on egg shapes to decorate their Easter egg! Check out our Counting Easter Playdough mat here.

6. Easter Egg Drop (with Tongs)

Transform the classic egg-and-spoon race into an Easter Egg Drop challenge! Use tongs to carefully place (plastic!) eggs into a basket. This activity hones fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and patience.

fine motor activities for kindergarten

7. Easter Egg Stickers

Stickers are a fine motor favourite! Provide Easter-themed stickers and encourage your child to decorate eggs or create Easter scenes. Peeling off stickers helps develop finger strength and precision.

8. Easter Sensory Play

Fill a sensory bin with rice and Easter-themed items, then have your child use tongs to pick out specific pieces. This sensory play not only engages the senses but also strengthens hand muscles and improves grip. We love these Easter fine motor activities, because they inspire our kids to explore different sensations, and practice skills like pouring, scooping and stirring.

Dive into a world of hidden wonders with our Easter Eggstravaganza and Bunny Harvest Sensory Kits and watch the magic unfold in a world of sensory delight!

9. Create a Reading Area/Nook - Easter Theme

Set up a cozy reading and sensory play nook with Easter decorations. This encourages your child to spend time engaged in quiet activities like reading, fostering fine motor skills and focus. Provide lots of play opportunities with Easter fine motor activities to try in the lead up to Easter.

10. Easter Themed Play-Doh/Lego Challenges/Sensory Rice

Engage in creative play with Easter-themed challenges. Mold Play-Doh into intricate shapes, build Lego structures, or explore a sensory bin filled with rice and hidden Easter surprises. These activities enhance hand-eye coordination and promote imaginative play.

11. Decorate Easter Eggs - Fine Motor Skills with a Paintbrush

Grab some hard-boiled eggs, paints, and brushes for an egg-decorating extravaganza! This activity works on hand-eye coordination, grip strength, and precision.

fine motor activities preschool

12. Bunny Hop and Easter Egg Hunt

Finally, get those bodies moving with a bunny hop or organise an Easter egg hunt with some physical clues (for instance, “jump 5 times for your next clue!”). Physical activities like these contribute to overall coordination and balance.

So there you have it – a dozen delightful Easter fine motor activities to sprinkle some occupational therapy magic on your holiday celebrations. Remember, the key is to make learning fun, and with these activities, your little ones will be hopping into Easter with enhanced fine motor skills and big smiles! Happy Easter!

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