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At Beelieve Paediatric Therapy, we understand the significance of accessible and cost-effective Assistive Technology (AT).


We are committed to assisting you in navigating the complexities of the NDIS funding scheme, making the process of obtaining low-cost AT solutions as smooth as possible. Our highly experienced team excels in the procurement, evaluation, and application of AT equipment that aligns with your specific needs.


We offer support for a wide range of equipment requests, including but not limited to: Shower and Bath Equipment

Wheelchairs and Strollers

Activity Chairs

Hoists Beds and mattresses

Car seats


The Assistive Technology assessment process typically involves the following steps:


Initial Needs Assessment: In this initial appointment, we will work closely with you to identify your specific requirements, take precise measurements, and discuss the most suitable AT options for your child.

Supplier Collaboration: We engage in proactive discussions and communication with trusted suppliers to identify and secure the most fitting equipment for your child's unique needs. We also set up trial periods to ensure the equipment is the right match.

Thorough Equipment Trials: We conduct comprehensive trials of the selected equipment, involving both Beelieve and the supplier. These trials aim to guarantee the perfect fit and to compare available options to make an informed choice, and where required offer a low cost AT option.

AT Report: Our expert team dedicates 3-4 hours to complete the necessary documentation for your NDIS application. This report is crucial for submitting your request to NDIS for decision-making.


Please be aware that the time required for Assistive Technology is influenced by the type of equipment requested, safety considerations, and the quantity of items needed.


Our mission is to provide you with access to high-quality, low-cost AT solutions, ensuring that every child's unique requirements are met through the NDIS funding scheme.


Let Beelieve Paediatric Therapy be your guide to affordable AT and where applicable, NDIS funded assistive technology solutions that enhance your child's quality of life.


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