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Fairy Garden - Children's Sensory Toys


Dive into a world of sensory wonder with our sensational Fairy Garden themed Sensory Kit, designed to stimulate and captivate your child’s imagination and foster creativity. Our Sensory Kit is made with natural, upcycled and man-made materials. Our childrens sensory toys are thoughtfully curated to inspire creativity, engage the senses and offer endless possibilities for play, learning and exploration.

Why Choose our Fairy Garden Themed Children Sensory Toys?

  • Endless Possibilities: With our colourful kits, your child can create, sort and experiment in a multitude of ways. The possibilities are limited only by their imagination.
  • Sensory Development: Stimulate your child’s senses and enhance their cognitive development as they explore different textures, shapes, colours and develop their early play skills. Childrens sensory toys help to engage so many areas of the brain while also helping improve fine motor skills.
  • Educational Fun: Turn playtime into a valuable learning experience. Our Sensory Kits are ideal for teaching colours, fine motor skills and more.
  • Endless Entertainment: Keep your little one engaged for hours with a hands-on sensory experience that’s perfect for both independent and collaborative play and develop their joint attention and concentration skills for everyday experiences.

What’s included in the kit?

  • A diverse array of natural, upcycled and man-made materials (5 cups)
  • Garden Base
  • Magical purple berries
  • Pinch of fairy dust
  • Fairies
  • Toadstools and ladybugs
  • Activity sheet with play ideas
  • Assembly Instructions

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Additional Notes:

  • The combination of items may vary slightly from kit to kit dependent on product availability at various times.
  • Please note tray is NOT included with this kit.
  • Disclaimer: colours may be different shades to what is presented in this image


Allergy Advice: 

  • Contains: rice, chickpeas, cake decoration ladybugs (contains egg), cake decoration sprinkles (may contain gluten, peanut, soy, milk, almond)
  • All kits are made to order and variations can be completed if you are allergic to an item listed above. Please note that all kits are made in the same facility and traces may be present. 


Safety warnings:

  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old or children still mouthing objects.
  • Sensory kits contain small parts and should always be used under adult supervision.
  • Upon purchase of the items, it is agreed by the purchaser that the parent/guardian will directly supervise children playing with the products to ensure their safety at all times.
  • Beelieve Paediatric Therapy does not take any responsibility or liability for accident, injury, illness or damages from or during the use of any products sold.
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